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The OcBody.com Client

is different from the average plastic surgery patient. She (it could have just as easily been a he) is smart and internet savvy. She is looking for a quality certified plastic surgeon without pretense or bull. She is not so concerned with the furniture in the office but rather the quality of care she receives in it. She has read Dr Di Saia's reviews on one or more internet sites and understands that Dr D does not run a chop shop. She likes that.

Think of OcBody.com as your alternative to the "Newport Beach Baffle You With Arrogance and Bull" plastic surgery practice. Dr Di Saia focuses on his patients personally treating them discreetly with respect and no rush. The Truth is spoken here. Some patients travel great distances to see us and we appreciate that.

This site has been an ongoing project for the doctor for nearly twenty years and is large. It is written as an informative source for people interested in plastic surgery. Prospective patients may wish to move to their Procedure of Choice. Others may enjoy the Doctor's articles written for the newspaper and a few magazines.


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