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Dr Di Saia, Wound Care and Surgery

A Plastic Surgeon for Wound Care

Over the last few years, Dr Di Saia's practice has developed into two distinct and separate parts: The Office-based and the Hospital-based. While most plastic surgeons in the area practice mostly if not solely cosmetic surgery, Dr D has become in part occupied with the management of complicated wounds in medically complex patients. He performs this function in several LTAC (Long Term Acute Care) Hospitals in the Southern California area. As a result of this, his availability is solely by appointment. Please note that he does not see wound care patients in the office any longer.

What Dr D Does for his Wound Care Clients

Dr D interacts with his wound care patients via the Wound Care services at several LTAC hospitals. He consults upon and follows patients in these hospitals advising on the management of their wounds and at times recommending and performing reconstructive plastic surgery.

Does Dr D Speak with the Families of Wound Care Patients in these LTAC hospitals?

As the doctor's time is spent travelling between hospitals and caring for a significant number of patients nearly 7 days a week, he generally is not available to speak with the families of his hospitalized patients except when there is a plan for reconstructive plastic surgery that he will perform. Due to significant constraints on his time, it is simply not practical to speak with patient family members on a regular basis or when non surgical care is planned. These family members are advised to contact the Wound Care Coordinators at the respective hospitals to obtain the information they seek or for regular updates on the care of the wounds.

When surgical options are being considered he doctor will seek out the consenting family member if one exists to discuss the risks and benefits of any planned procedure before it is carried out.

Please note that the doctor's care of the wound care patient is pretty much confined to inpatients at the hospitals in which he attends. Outpatient wound care arrangements are made by the hospital staff upon discharge as necessary.


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