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Get A Good Tummy Tuck Belly Button

by John DiSaia MD

Most good tummy tuck operations include several procedures. One of these (Umbilicoplasty) crafts your belly button by moving and removing some of the skin around it. This is a place for less than quality minded doctors (we call them "Dr Quickie" here) to do quick and less precision minded work. Quality tummy tuck surgeons treat the belly button as a fine touch that makes the operation look better. To see the good tummy tuck belly button, we first look at the lesser results performed by doctors outside Dr D's practice.

The Dr Quickie approach is quick and cheap. It generally involves just suturing it in one layer to the skin opening that is made for it. These tend to leave more external marks and heal closed more often. They appear more flat on the tummy without any depression. They look kinda fake as they more frequently do not sit level (or preferably slightly depressed) as they should.

The problems you can get from this include:

Belly Button Heals Closed/Crooked [Dr Quickie's belly button outcome 1]

not so good tummy tuck belly button

Belly Button Appears to "Stick Out" [Dr Quickie's belly button outcome 2]

not so good tummy tuck belly button

Belly Button Scar Appears to "Stick Out" [Dr Quickie's belly button outcome 3]

not so good tummy tuck belly button


Dr Di Saia's umbilicoplasty (not Dr Quickie) procedure is performed by carefully removing tissue to create a tunnel for the structure to fit correctly. Your belly button is carefully preserved in the operation (adds more time) and is supported in its new home with dissolving sutures placed in layers with some of the sutures re-creating a natural depression. Other layers support the repair and keep the need for external sutures (that can leave marks) to a minimum. In the nearly twenty years Dr D has only been asked to "touch up" two belly buttons of his creation.

 A Dr D Tummy Tuck patient at 5 months:

good tummy tuck belly button

There are several other examples in Dr D's Tummy Tuck gallery available from the main Tummy Tuck page. Please note that this should really be done at the time of your tummy tuck and can be hard to repair afterward.


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