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Should I have a Tummy Tuck Revision?

Tummy tuck surgery can yield great results, but varies substantially between patients and surgeons. Some patients (particularly extreme weight loss patients) present much more work than others. Some of these are better staged planning several operations in the first place. And some surgeons deal with a tummy tuck as a standard two hour operation regardless of the patient before them. This frequently results in under correction and disappointment. A good tummy tuck is tailored carefully to the specific patient being treated.

Sometimes things do not work out as desired and the subject of revision comes up. Not again!

Tummy tuck revision can be small or large. It can be relatively soon after the original operation or as we will see below many years later. Smaller revisions can frequently be accomplished in the office under minor anesthesia (numbing shots.) At other times they require return to the formal operating room for more involved anesthesia and bigger scale work.

A Dr D Tummy Tuck Revision

Dr John Di Saia, an orange county california plastic surgeon

Dr John Di Saia, an orange county california plastic surgeon

"M" is an Orange County resident who had had a tummy tuck twenty years prior followed by upper abdominal liposuction at the recommendation of another surgeon some years later. She never got the tightness she had wanted from that liposuction and later came to Dr D considering revision of her tummy tuck for correction. Her redo tummy tuck required a full scale operation under anesthesia. The skin excess in the upper abdomen was freed and draped over the whole tummy to minimize those wrinkles and give her a smooth appearance. Her muscle repair was refreshed. The inset was performed to correct and minimize her "Ken Doll" deformity (puffiness at the pubes) that she had following her original tummy tuck. She never knew that the Ken Doll could be corrected.

She is quite pleased with her smoother sexier appearance.

Tummy tuck revision can be successful in the right patient. Think about it and if you are local to Orange County feel free to contact Dr D. :)


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