Before Tummy Tuck
Before Surgery

High End Tummy Tuck in Athlete

High End Tummy Tuck After 6 Weeks
6 Weeks
This very athletic woman presented with a history childbirth (3 children) and an annoying excess of skin with abdominal muscular laxity. She works out frequently and is in excellent shape. She does not smoke. Her friends told her that surgery was a "waste of time" as she was in such good shape. Abdominoplasty was performed in a modified low incisional pattern.

At 6 weeks following surgery, the result is starting to show itself. The main improvements here are improved skin tone ("Tighter") and abdominal contour. The rectus muscles are in closer juxtapostion and the waist is more athletic and youthful.

  • Before: Post-pregnancy changes on a very well-toned frame - Moderate Skin Excess with Muscular Laxity 
  • After: More Youthful Abdominal Contour 
  • Operative Design: A "Low Incision" tummy tuck was performed that extended toward the flanks. The excess skin was removed. An Umbilicoplasty was performed to provide a natural depression above and below the "belly button." This case shows the results possible when exercise and condition are excellent. Most patients will not get this great a result.

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