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"How Might I Look With Breast Implants"

Below is a collection of breast images collected and presented here to attempt to answer one of the most common questions breast implant patients ask: "What will my breasts look like?" Take into account that no one can answer how you will look exactly. By looking at images of other women, you can get a general idea.

After implant placement, women's breasts tend to be larger with increased fullness and projection. The "details" of your outcome (cleavage, projection, evenness, softness, etc) are a function of many factors:

  • The size and shape of the tissues of your breast and chest wall before surgery
  • The size and shape of your implants
  • The skill of your surgeon
  • The way you heal after surgery
Women with noticeably "uneven" breasts (all women to a certain extent) can still look a bit asymmetrical after simple implant placement surgery. Sometimes the addition of a breast lift can make these differences less obvious. Of course, the desire for this kind of "fine tuning" is as personal as the decision to have cosmetic breast surgery.

That which follows is discussion illustrated by images of breasts, some in bikinis and others without clothing. These images are presented to aid in discussion. For individuals interested in breast implant surgery, feel free to proceed.

Row 1: These images show the "certainly" augmented breast. This kind of projection does not occur without implants...probably "over the muscle" subglandular implants or "high profile" implants. Each young lady demonstrates quite spherical breasts which I personally don't like. Another reason behind my preference to put breast implants "under the muscle" and in general not to use high profile prosthetics.

Row 2: OK, a few more breasts. Notice here that the distance between the implants (the lack of cleavage) can be noticeable. "I don't like that either" This can be unavoidable to a certain extent depending upon the width of the breast bone, the shape of the chest wall, the surgeon's technique and the patient's chosen goal size. Women with rounded chests tend to have implants that rest more laterally than those with flatter chest walls. Choosing better implant dimensions for that individual patient and spending a little more time in surgery freeing muscle near the breast bone can help reduce wide cleavage results.

Row 3: Here is a simple example of a result following the placement of a moderate-sized implant developing reasonable cleavage in a lady with moderate pre-operative differences in her breasts. She had had children whom she breast fed with resultant breast atrophy (loss of volume). It seems breast feeding can increase the difference between breasts (if one is the dominant milk-producer). This woman appears 6 months following augmentation. A modified breast lift could be performed on such a patient to re-position her right breast nipple and areola and therefore improve symmetry. Not all women want the increased surgery of a breast lift however. The cleavage is nice and the breast size and shape are not obviously un-natural. These were goals for this patient.

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