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Breast Implant Exchange

"Going Larger" - Making Your Breast Implants Larger

Not every woman is satisfied with the size of her breast implants. It is difficult sometimes to fit the size some women would like at their first procedure. There are also times in which the lady thought she wanted one size originally and later decided upon another. After time or pregnancy, thoughts of "going larger" are not infrequent. This involves a Breast Implant Exchange as the original implants can rarely if ever be made significantly larger by just "putting in more water."


Before and Three Months after Breast Implant Exchange

This woman came to the office after her original surgeon (who had placed her breast implants a few years prior) told her she looked fine. She was not happy with the lack of cleavage and desired a cup or so increase in size. Her breasts were not "droopy" so a lift was not required. We simply made the pockets larger and removed her old implants replacing them with larger ones. Her previous incision was used again for this procedure. Above she appears pre-op and 3 months later.


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