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Trouble Free Breast Augmentation - How To Get Yours

by John DiSaia MD

As a plastic surgeon I have always been focused on long term results. It took me a long time to realize that patients do not always think this way until something goes wrong. I have come to revise many more breast implant patients coming from other surgeons than my own. The smart breast implant shopper researches online first, but also comes to realize that she can either be a woman with a long term outlook who makes the right choices the first time or one who chooses quickly and has a good deal of extra surgery over the years. This short article is written to make trouble free breast augmentation achievable for you.

Realistic Goals for Breast Implants

Realistic goals are the first point of reference here. If you come to surgery realizing that your current breasts have something to do with the outcome, then you are ahead of the game. Many women come to surgery expecting their breasts to be made into their own idea of perfection, but there are limits. Extra large augmentation is usually not a good long term plan. Find out what is reasonable and target yourself for success.

Tissue Coverage for Breast Implants

So how large is achievable without an undue risk of complications? Usually one and a half to two cup sizes larger.

Why is this? Because your body tissues need to cover the implants adequately to provide a safe home for them.

When your tissues are stretched too far and become too thin, then the implants have a greater tendency to harden and even become painful. This is far more common with silicone gel implants. Moderate breast implant sizing is important in making long term success much more possible.

Breast Implant Selection

"Cohesive Gel" breast implants are a good choice if you decide that silicone gel implants are for you, but Saline-filled implants will not have the same long term risk of hardening. Saline implants look more and more like water balloons as we get to larger sizes though. Really large saline-filled breast implants look progressively less natural.

The author's preference is to use saline-filled implants unless problems warranting consideration for silicone gel come into view - rippling in particular. Patients considering silicone gel implants are informed that there is some uncertainty with silicone gel. Long term risks for re-operation and distortion from scarring (some of which may not be repairable) are higher when silicone gel implants are used. This philosophy has yielded a majority of patients with soft breasts for ten years and more after surgery most with their original saline implants still in place.

Choosing A Quality Surgeon

Breast implant choices take judgment. Part of that for which you pay your surgeon is to guide your decisions. Choose a long term minded board-certified plastic surgeon who is experienced with breast augmentation surgery. Then listen to the advice for which you have paid. He can help with your choices on implant style, sizing and surgical technique. While you don't need to go to Beverly Hills, don't bargain shop either or you might not get the great outcome you would like to enjoy for years to come. :)


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