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"Your Options With Capsular Contracture / Rock Hard Breasts"

There was a time when plastic surgeons were not too communicative with their breast implant patients. Patients may have been led to believe that breast implants lasted a lifetime. As most people know at this point, they do not. The reasons why can be several:

Silicone gel breast implants can rupture as can their saline-filled alternatives, but they do not need to rupture to leak. The process of "leeching" refers to silicone gel finding its way out of intact implants into a woman's breast tissue. It is pretty much universal with silicone gel implants.

Why is this important?

Silicone gel does not always do so well within a woman's breast when in direct contact with tissue. Many patient's bodies react to this "gel intrustion" by forming thickened and at times calcified implant scar capsules likely in an attempt to "wall off" the foreign material. This usually happens slowly over many years. It can harden implanted breasts quite a bit and these hardened breasts can look unusual or hurt. To repair the problem requires that this "hardened sack" be removed or as much of it as possible be removed. Portions attached to structures of importance (like your Pectoral muscles) are left in place. This operation is called "Capsulectomy."

I have a few YouTube videos on the topic:

The music is kinda annoying on this one. I apologize.

Usually after such an operation implants can be placed once again. In rare instances the contracture problem recurs to the extent that the implants are best removed and left out.


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