B cup To D cup

Breast Augmentation 1 - D cup


This young lady presented with a fair amount of breast tissue but lacking projection and cleavage. She desired a "D" sized result to balance her hips against a thin waist. Curiously, she would hide her hips with bulky clothing pre-operatively. A submuscular peri-areolar approach was used to place an average-sized (325 cc) round saline-filled prosthesis. At 1 year (mouse over to see), her implants have settled for a full but natural look. This case demonstrates a patient with an attractive breast pre-operatively that, despite this, wished enhancement and is pleased after the operation.



  • Before: Small "B" cup
  • After: Mid "D" cup
  • Operative Design: 325 cc round smooth implant placed in the submuscular position via a periareolar approach

  -Move your mouse over the pre-operative image to see her at 1 year!


� Orange County California Plastic Surgeon John Di Saia, M.D.

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