Before Breast Augmntation
Before Surgery

Breast Augmentation 4 - Small D Cup

Eight Months Following Cosmetic Breast Surgery
8 Months Following Surgery
Six Years Following Cosmetic Breast Surgery
Six Years Following Surgery

This young lady came to consultation looking to improve breast volume as well as compensate for a slight difference between her breasts. By developing the implant pockets a little differently and placing implants of slightly different sizes, she realized a nice improvement. She was seeking a full "C" cup sized result that was obtained eight months later. Six years following surgery, her result is nicely preserved small D (after a small weight gain). Her breasts looked so natural she reported that her OB-GYN couldn't tell that she had had surgery.

  • Before: An "A" cup with right lower breast under-development
  • After: Small "D" cup
  • Operative Design: 325 cc round smooth implants placed in the submuscular position via a periareolar approach. The right was inflated to 350 cc and the left to 330 cc. Notice that the difference in filling volumes is small, but combined with pocket dissection improves the outcome.
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