Pre-operative Patient
Before Surgery

Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction 3 Months Later
3 Months
This woman presented with a history of back and central neck pain for many years. Her right breast was larger and positioned more "to the side and lower" than the left. Her pre-op breast cup size was DDD. She desired breast reduction to reduce her discomfort and improve her appearance. An inferior pedicle breast reduction was performed. Approximately 1150 grams was removed from the right breast and 850 grams from the left. Her total reduction was over four pounds. This is a large case.

At 3 months following surgery, her back and neck pain are gone and she is pleased with her new D cup breasts. Breast similarity has been improved along with breast contour.

  • Before: Large Asymmetrical Breasts with Back and Neck Pain
  • After: Improved Back and Neck Pain with Reduced Breast Size and Improved Shape.
  • Operative Design: An inferior pedicle breast reduction was performed through a a Wise pattern (anchor pattern). As the breasts softened and settled, the horizontal limb of that scar became covered. This is usually the case The dis-similarity of the breasts was corrected by removing more from the right breast than the left. Similarly, the right was lifted more than the left to improve the position and reduce the pre-operative discrepancy.

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