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Plastic Surgery Editorial Pieces

As some of you know, the author of this site has an "opinion problem." In his continuing efforts to control this compulsion, he writes. In April of 2002, he started contributing to San Clemente's Sun Post News. He also has written for Image Magazine, Beach Cities Style, and some other South Orange County California periodicals. Below is a brief selection of some of these pieces. Around 2005, his interests turned more regularly to his blog: Truth In Cosmetic Surgery.  

(1) Emergency Plastic Surgery? - Why might plastic surgeons be called upon in emergency circumstances? Why might they hesitate to respond?

(2) Plastic Surgery and your Insurance Company - Where might plastic surgery and insurance meet?

(3) What's A Provider? Really. - Why might plastic surgeons be less than excited about signing up as an insurance company "Provider?" - Image Magazine Jan 2001

(4) Why You May Not Want Your Tummy Tuck Covered By Insurance - Why might plastic surgeons be reluctant to bill insurance for abdominoplasty? - Sun Post News 3/19/02

(5) Botox Fda-Approved...What's Ahead - Funny how I read the future on this one. - Sun Post News 8/27/02

(6) Why Won�t My Doctor Take the HMO? - Why might many physicians resent HMOs so much? - Sun Post News 2/11/03

(7) My Problem With Extreme Makeover - Not all plastic surgeons agree - Beach Cities Style July 2004

Note: These pieces were written for the general information of those seeking Cosmetic Surgery. It is presented freely in this format for this purpose. No other rights are granted. It may not be duplicated, cited or otherwise copied in any form without the written consent of the author. Comments made are those based upon the author's experience and are not meant to indicate how the reader's insurance company may act on a particular issue.  

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