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Brachioplasty Arm Lift and Full Breast Lift Implants After Gastric Bypass

2 Years After Breast Lift and Arm Lift
2 Years Later
2 Years Later
2 Years Later
This young lady came to consultation a year after gastric bypass having lost about 130 lbs. Her loss in breast volume with accompanied "droop" and the prominent excess skin along her upper arms were her biggest concerns. She had arm lift and full breast lift with augmentation to address these issues.

At 2 years following surgery, the scars have matured and the results are stable. She has a good result.

  • Before: Relatively Small Droopy Breasts and Lax Upper Arm Skin 
  • After: Improved Arm Contour and Breast Volume and Position 
  • Operative Design: Brachioplasty and Full Breast Lift were performed along with the placement of breast implants. The excess skin was removed along the upper arms.
  • Take Home Points:
    (1) The results of bariatric surgery come with the consequences of lost volume and skin gathering particularly in the breasts and tummy.

  • (2) Some of these issues can be improved with cosmetic surgery.

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