Before Reduction Labiaplasty
Before Surgery

Labiaplasty Before and After:

Modified Wedge - Small Clitoral Hood Reduction
Labiaplasty After 1 year
1 Year
This career woman suffered from relatively large Labia minora that would hurt and get in the way in her clothing at work. She simply wanted them "out of the way." A modified wedge excision was performed in the surgery center under a short anesthetic. At 1 year post-op, she describes this as the best operation she has ever had.

  • Before: Large vaginal lips
  • After: Reduced "tighter" appearance
  • Operative Design: A Modified Wedge Technique was performed here under a short anesthetic in the surgery center. The Clitoral Hood was reduced as well. The Clitoris was left untouched.

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