Before Reduction Labiaplasty
Before Surgery

Reduction Labiaplasty:

Flap Technique
Labiaplasty After 4 Weeks
1 Month
This young woman presented a year or so following child birth. Her labial lips had become large she thought from the suction-assisted delivery. She reported functional difficulty with intercourse as her labia would move "in and out" causing pain. This and the appearance of her labia impelled her to come for consultation. A sensory-sparing "flap type" reduction was performed under local anesthesia. This case is almost ten years old and by my current standards I would consider the reduction less than optimal. This technique offers more simple surgery but with less of an ability to reduce size.

  • Before: Very large vaginal lips
  • After: Reduced "tighter" appearance
  • Operative Design: A "Flap Technique" was performed here under for the most part local anesthesia.

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