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Labiaplasty - "Vaginal Lip Reduction" - Dr Di Saia's Experience

It is natural that patients ask about my experience with labiaplasty surgery. I did not just start doing them yesterday....LOL.

I understand that it is difficult for a patient to try to figure who should be offering this surgery. I have come to find that it is being offered many different ways by different physicians. There is no universally-accepted formal training in labiaplasty. I was not trained in residency to do this operation. I performed my first case at the request of a patient in the late 90's. My techniques have changed substantially since then.

My residency training is in general surgery and plastic surgery. I have been board certified in both specialties as you can read here.

My practice philosophy is "more attention: fewer patients." I prefer it this way. My patients see me a lot before and after surgery. If you are looking for a "plastic surgery mill," it is not here.

If you are looking for a personal, discreet manner of consultation and possibly surgery, then I welcome you to my office. If you are looking for "quick and cheap," you might want to find a gynecologist. I provide high level care.

Thanks for your attention,

John Di Saia MD



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