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Dr Di Saia and Health Insurance Coverage

Dr Di Saia's Practice and Your Insurance Company

Dr Di Saia's practice has two distinct parts: The Cosmetic and the Medically Necessary. Most plastic surgeons in the area practice solely cosmetic surgery. The reasons are simple: Health insurance in Southern California pays poorly for plastic surgery and they do take their time to pay.

What Will Dr Di Saia Do Under my Insurance?

If you are a patient that has insurance allowing Out of Network coverage, we can usually see you. We are contracted to the rates for very few insurance companies. If you are an HMO patient, we are able to see you only as a cash patient. HMOs will not reimburse us for your care.

Don't ask the doctor to write a letter of medical necessity for your tummy tuck. He will write letters like this for his breast reduction patients if they seem appropriate. Take into account that the rules for reimbursement are those of your insurance company. We will not "play games" to get you covered. This practice runs honestly.

Does Dr Di Saia Take My Insurance? - Provider Status

Dr Di Saia is a provider for Medicare and very few other insurance plans. There are certain services that he will not provide to Medicare patients. If you are a Medicare patient (but not a Medicare HMO patient,) you are usually in good shape with Dr D. This means that the doctor accepts Medicare assignment. For the most part, under Medicare we offer skin cancer and breast cancer-related treatment (breast reconstruction.) The doctor will see anyone, and is able to work with most insurance plans with "Out of Network" coverage.



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