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Dr John Di Saia, an orange county california plastic surgeon

Dr Di Saia and Cosmetic Surgery for our Military

"I have always felt a oneness with those serving in the military even though I have never served. This has been to the extent that Marines have greeted me on the street with 'Semper Fi' as if I were a comrade. I feel that it is time to give back."


What Does Dr Di Saia Do For The Military?

I have no official status with the military. I have not served. I do not receive compensation for services from the armed forces or the government.

I am however a pretty damned good plastic surgeon and one thing that many people in the military appreciate like many other Americans is quality cosmetic surgery.

How Does This Work?

Patients who are in the active military or their wives get discounts from me on professional cosmetic services. The amount comes from my Surgeon's fee and depends upon the work performed. Cosmetic quotations are disclosed following consultation and these consultations are free. There are never surprises in my practice.

I have been doing these kinds of things for years but always felt ill-at-ease bragging about it. Some of my military patients have actually been telling me for quite a while that I should make it common knowledge as I am doing this anyway. Here's an example of a recent case for a Camp Pendleton Marine's wife.

Why Do I Do This?

As a thank you to the men and women who literally put their butts on the line on a daily basis to protect my freedom.


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