Lateral Thigh and Banana Roll Liposuction

Liposuction Thigh / Banana Roll


This young lady had gained weight in her thighs and below in having her 3 children. Just run your mouse over the pre-operative image to see the post-operative image at 5 weeks. The improvement is evident although like in our other examples it is still maturing at this stage.



  • Before: Fatty Deposits Along Sides Of Thighs and Below Buttock (the "Banana Roll")
  • After: Improved Contour Defining The Borders Between The Buttock and The Thighs
  • Operative Design: The "Wet" Technique was used to safely reduce the patient's fatty deposits. Two Small (<1 cm) incisions were used for the entire procedure hidden in the Buttock-Thigh crease.

  -Move your mouse over the pre-operative image to see her at 5 weeks!


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