Before Surgery
Burn Scar Revision Example
Scar Revision at 3 Months
3 Months
This young lady came to consultation years after sustaining a muffler burn to the lower leg. The wound had healed after some time with a "dent" in the contour of her leg. The scar was thinned and changed in color at its mid portion having roughly the shape of a "V." She was scheduled for a staged scar revision under local anesthesia. The lower arm of the scar was excised and tissue mobilized and moved into the "crater." The closure was in layers with a long term absorbable suture. The marked area notes the portion of the scar that was removed/addressed.

3 months later the improvement is evident as the width of the lower arm of the scar has been thinned considerably. The contour defect has also been improved by moving healthy tissue into the wound following the scar excision. The surgical scar somewhat darkly pigmented is not mature at this stage and should fade over the next nine months to a year. At that time, further scar excision and layered closure may improve the remaining scar elements to the upper right of the revised scar area.

  • Before: Wide Lightly-Pigmented Old Burn Scar with Depression
  • After: Almost Completely Removed Scar With Improved Color and Contour
  • Operative Design: The Scar revision was performed under local in the office. The portion of the scar planned was completely removed and local tissues were mobilized to allow layered closure.

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