Wide Scar Revision Before
Before Surgery

Wide Scar Revision Surgery Example

Wide Scar Revision 2 weeks after
2 Weeks
This young woman had had a scar from many years prior due to an abrasion, burn and laceration to her thigh near her knee. The wound had healed as a wide depressed scar. She was treated by scar revision surgery under local anesthesia. The scar was removed and tissue was mobilized and moved to allow closure and coverage of the defect area. The closure was in layers with a long term absorbable suture. The marked area notes the portion of the scar that was removed/addressed.

Shortly thereafter at 2 weeks, the improvement is evident as the width of the scar had been greatly decreased and the color and the contour problem corrected. The newly forming scar is of course not mature at this stage, but will not be able to become anywhere near as wide as the original scar. This patient was literally overjoyed at 2 weeks and called the office, but did not require any more office visits or surgery.

  • Before: Wide Lightly-Pigmented Old Scar with Depression
  • After: Almost Completely Removed Scar With Improved Color and Contour
  • Operative Design: The Scar revision was performed under local in the office. Complete scar removal with mobilization and layered closure were employed with good results.

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