Before Surgery
Nasal Skin Cancer Removal and Flap Repair Example
Skin Cancer Removal and Repair at 4 Years
4 Years Later
This gentleman came to consultation with a small cancer on the right side of his nose. It is only large considering its sensitive position between the nose and the cheek.

Four years later, he has healed exceptionally well to the point where the lines of the flap repair are not visible. The patient required no further care for this lesion besides the surgery we performed 4 years earlier.

  • Before: Skin Cancer Between Right Side of Nose and Cheek (the Red Nodule)
  • After: Cancer Removed With Flap Repair With Excellent Cosmetic Result.
  • Operative Design: The patient's cancer was removed and the local tissues were moved into the defect under a "twilight sleep" anesthetic as an outpatient at the Surgical Facility. The patient's insurance covered the surgery.

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