Man Before Belly Liposuction
Before Surgery

Liposuction Tummy Man

Man Marked Before Belly Liposuction
Treatment Areas Marked Before Surgery
Man 2 Months After Belly Liposuction
Two Months Following Surgery
This young man came to consultation looking to improve his abdominal contour understanding that this procedure doesn't involve significant weight loss. His request is fairly typical of the differences between the average male and female liposuction patient. Men more commonly look to decrease fatty deposits throughout the abdomen. The smaller (upper) central image shows the pre-operative marking directing the procedure including compensation for the differences in the distribution of fatty material in his abdomen. He clearly has more tissue (which in his case was fat) on his left (solid cross mark) than his right (dotted cross mark) side. The image at the upper right shows his appearance 2 months after surgery. As in the prior example, the result is not yet mature at this stage, but the improvement is already starting to become apparent.
  • Before: Abdominal Fatty Deposits More On The Left Than On The Right 
  • After: Improved Abdominal Contour 
  • Operative Design: The "Wet" Technique was used to reduce bruising and blood loss as well as provide post-operative pain relief. Two Small (<1 cm) incisions were used for the entire procedure hidden in the Umbilicus ("belly button"). 
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