Before Surgery
Hand Skin Cancer Removal with Flap and Skin Graft Repair Example
Skin Cancer Removal and Repair at 5 Weeks
5 Weeks Later
This gentleman came to consultation with a very large skin cancer of his hand. These can be very complicated as they can impair movement and sensation in the hand.

Five weeks later the cancer had been excised and repaired with a flap and a skin graft. He retained function of the hand and virtually normal sensation. The patient required no further care for this lesion besides this surgery.

  • Before: Large Skin Cancer Of The Dorsum of The Hand
  • After: Cancer Removed With Flap and Skin Graft Repair With Good Result.
  • Operative Design: The patient's cancer was removed and the local tissues were moved to fill most of the defect. In order to not impair movement of the hand, a portion of the defect required skin grafting. The case was performed under a "twilight sleep" anesthetic as an outpatient at the Surgical Facility. The patient's insurance covered the surgery.

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