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Weight Loss Plastic Surgery

"I have This Weight To Lose..."

Fad weight loss programs and irresponsible plastic surgery ads just feed the public's appetite for the "easy weight loss solution." Pills, plastic surgery, and "miracle" herbal remedies seem the modern equivalent to the "snake oil" of our countries' Old West movies. Plastic surgery is not specifically for weight loss. The weight loss component is really best accomplished before your plastic surgery. Now cosmetic surgery after that weight loss can really make the results of that weight loss (particularly in those who have lost large amounts of weight) more attractive. After bariatric surgery, these operations may be ideal!

Dr Di Saia Can Offer You:


Liposuction is a technique for the removal of fatty tissues via small incisions. Sometimes weight loss can lead to isolated areas in which "fine tuning" can be helpful by removing fatty pockets that the weight loss method seems to have "forgotten."

Tummy Tuck  *   [ Tummy Tuck after Gastric Bypass ]

Large amounts of weight loss may deal with the "fatty excess problem" leading to an apron of skin (called a Pannus) that hangs unattractively sometimes covering the privates. Pregnancy can contribute to the muscular laxity underneath that can also be improved during Tummy Tuck surgery.

Body Lift

Body Lift surgery is an extension of the Tummy Tuck concept to other areas of the body in which skin and fat may hang unattractively. Body lifts can improve hanging skin in the inner thighs, upper arms, and the lower back (where the incision for a Tummy Tuck ends).

Breast Lift

Breast Lift surgery is usually of the Full type with significant weight loss as breast volume often takes a big hit with more than moderate weight loss and lesser breast "droop." Modified Breast Lift is also a possibility in lesser degrees of weight loss. Often augmentation is added to improve breast volume again depending upon the extent of the weight loss.

"Is there a Optimal Timing to this Surgery?"

Patients who have stabilized their weight and maintained it for a period of time are probably the most appropriate candidates. Usually, these people are working out so their weight is in a pretty stable range - plus or minus a few pounds. They aren't looking to lose weight but rather improve the appearance of that which remains after the weight loss. These people can very likely be helped with plastic surgery.


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