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Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) is not one operation, but a member of the group of operations called Body Lifts. One tummy tuck is not the same as another. When performed well. these operations "Tighten" as well as "Thin."

Tummy Tuck surgery allows your surgeon to correct many of the unattractive changes of pregnancy and weight gain (& loss). The surgery is best undertaken by healthy patients who maintain relatively steady weight. Dr D is a tummy tuck specialist. He offers extended tummy tuck operations for weight loss patients as well as a variety of other specific tummy tuck procedures.

Dr Di Saia takes these procedures very seriously. His philosophy for this surgery is to tailor it to the needs of the individual patient and follow that patient closely and personally after surgery. The concept is to provide a Quality Tummy Tuck experience understanding that fewer can be done this way. In his Orange County practice, Dr D performs all the surgery and follow-up care personally. Your medical care is private and unrushed.

The doctor is most able to affect change is previously unoperated tummies, but does perform revisions (tummy tuck redos) of patients originally operated elsewhere when he feels he can provide improvement.

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