Before Extended Skin Tummy Tuck
Before Surgery

Thin Frame Extended Skin Resection Tummy Tuck

Extended Skin Tummy Tuck After 3 Months
3 Months
This thin young lady presented with a history of childbirth (3 children) as well as several abdominal operations (low grade ovarian cancer and hernia repair). Her abdominal musculature had been stretched and it along with her skin was lax. Her "belly button" was buried in scar and loose skin folds. As is common with thin-framed patients, her friends and family thought she was "crazy" to consider abdominoplasty. Abdominoplasty was performed using a low incisional pattern.

At 3 months following surgery, the result is looking pretty good. The main improvements here are improved skin tone ("Tighter") and abdominal contour. The rectus muscles are in closer juxtapostion and the belly button is again visible and youthful in appearance. Notice the scar that was above her belly button in the pre-operative image was almost completrely removed. A small portion of this scar remains below the belly button above the line of closure for the tummy tuck procedure.

  • Before: Post-pregnancy and surgery changes on a thin frame - Moderate Skin Excess with Significant Muscular Laxity 
  • After: More Youthful Abdominal Contour 
  • Operative Design: A "Low Incision" tummy tuck was performed that extended toward the flanks. The excess skin was removed. An Umbilicoplasty was performed to "bring out" the belly button from under its cover of excess skin. Some thin patients have good reason to consider this operation as this woman would attest.

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